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The aim for is to provide quick relevant information for anyone interested in applying and studying in a university or college in Australian. Also to provide graduates of universities or colleges post-graduate resources in order to further their career and employment prospects. Our goal is to celebrate the contribution that graduates of Australian colleges or universities have made to society as a whole.

If you've ever searched online for university or college information, you may have noticed that each university website has its own unique interface or navigational scheme. If you are trying to decide which university/college to choose, it can take a lot of time and patience to sort through all of the Australian university or college websites that you are interested in. The problem is you have to learn how to navigate each site because college or universty has their own different user interface. ie. look and feel

Another thing you may have noticed is that there are a great deal of websites that you may encounter from search engine results that claim to have higher education resources. However under closer examination you will discover that they do not actually contain any relevant information about universities or colleges in Australia but are rather portal pages to advertisements for online universities/colleges. The problem is that these (Ad-ucation) sites contain 100% advertising with no actual real content. Our site on the other hand carefully reviews each resource for its relevance and currency and categorizes it appropriately to enable you to have accurate and useful information about Australia higher education.

Australian-Universities.Net allows you to access information about universities and colleges in Australia with ease since all the relevant information you would seek is now available in a single clear consistent interface.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the site, don't hesitate to send email.

We also provide similiar college or university information for Canada, United States and the United Kingdom as part of our country-based network of college and university information guides for new, current and graduating students.


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